legco legco-package

legco: R bindings for the Hong Kong Legislative Council API


Generic LegCo API Function

Bills Database

Fucntion to access details of bills debated in LegCo since 1906

all_bills() legco_all_bills()

All Bills in LegCo

Hansard Database

Functions to access the hansard data of LegCo Council meetings


Hansard Database

hansard() legco_hansard()

Hansard of LegCo


Section Types of LegCo Meetings

subjects() legco_subjects()

Subjects from LegCo Hansard

speakers() legco_speakers()

Speakers at LegCo

rundown() legco_rundown()

Rundown from LegCo Hansards

questions() legco_questions()

Questions by LegCo Members

bills() legco_bills()

Bills in LegCo

motions() legco_motions()

Motions in LegCo

petitions() legco_petitions()

Petitions in LegCo

addresses() legco_addresses()

Addresses Delivered in LegCo

statements() legco_statements()

Statements by Public Officers

voting_results() legco_voting_results()

Voting Results in LegCo Meetings

summoning_bells() legco_summoning_bells()

Summoning Bells in LegCo

Meeting Attendance Database

Function to access LegCo members’ attendance record in Council meetings

attendance() legco_attendance()

Attendance of LegCo Members

Meeting Schedule Database

Functions to access the data of LegCo Council and committee meetings


Meeting Schedule Database

term() legco_term()

Term of LegCo

session() legco_session()

Session of LegCo

committee() legco_committee()

Committees of LegCo

membership() legco_membership()

Membership of LegCo Committees

member() legco_member()

Members of LegCo

member_term() legco_member_term()

Terms of Members of LegCo

meeting() legco_meeting()

Meetings of LegCo Committees

meeting_committee() legco_meeting_committee()

Committee of Meetings in LegCo

Voting Result Database

Function to access LegCo members’ voting record in Council, House Committee, Finance Committee and subcomittees

voting_record() legco_voting_record()

Voting Record in LegCo Meetings

Complementary Functions

Complementary functions that facilitate the use of the LegCo API


Complementary Functions

search_committee() legco_search_committee()

Search Committee

search_member() legco_search_member()

Search LegCo Member

search_voting_record() legco_search_voting_record()

Search Voting Record

search_question() legco_search_question()

Search Question in LegCo